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Bus Man: "Part 2: Accept & Rehearse"

PART: 2 "Accept & Rehearse"

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Southern California Deaf Group Home

(I was only kidding when I want to use bathroom, food from refrigerate and washing machines)

San Diego Youth & Community Services (SDYCS) has opened the first group home in San Diego County for Deaf and hard of hearing youth. The Southern California Deaf Group Home has been made possible through SDYCS’s great partnerships with County of San Diego Board of Supervisors (specifically Supervisor Greg Cox), Alliance Healthcare Foundation, San Diego Deaf Community Services, County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency, San Diego Deaf Mental Health Services, McMillan Realty, KB Homes, BIA cares for Kids, Union Bank Foundation and Sweetwater Union School District. The home is located in Chula Vista but will serve as a safe, culturally affirming home for youth ages 12 to 18 from all over San Diego County.

The three-bedroom home has been renovated to meet the needs of the youth. Hardwood floors will resonate with vibrations that can be heard when someone enters a room. A TTY phone, text messaging devices and a video phone will allow residents to communicate with family and friends. The home is also equipped with a strobe light system to indicate when individuals are ringing the doorbell, and entering or leaving the home, and when the smoke alarm is activated.

In addition, all of the staff working in the home will be fluent in American Sign Language and most of the staff will be deaf or hard of hearing. Youth from the home will attend local schools within the Sweetwater Union High School District.

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